Our Fair Use Policy

Thank you for your interest in GuestCheck Australia. We look forward to helping your venue get back to the new normal. Please see our fair use policy. If you have any concerns or questions please reach out to our team at support@guestcheck.com.au.

This policy applies to any customer (a Customer) that has entered an agreement (the Agreement) with GuestCheck Australia Pty Ltd ACN 641 144 078 (GuestCheck, We or Us) for the provision of guest check-in and validation services (the Services). All Customers must comply with this policy.

This policy outlines the limits on the fair use a Customer can make of the Services.


  1. The objective of this policy is to ensure that the Services are available to all Customers without interference, and are not used in an unreasonable manner by any Customer.

Customer's obligations

  1. A Customer must not:

(a) use the Services in a fraudulent or misleading way;

(b) re-supply or re-sell the Services in any way, or seek or offer to do so;

(c) provide GuestCheck with inaccurate information in connection with the Services;

(d) seek to interfere with or disrupt the Services, or any Customer's or patron's use of the Services, in any way;

(e) use the Services in a way which would not be reasonably regarded as ordinary use; nor

(f) encourage or assist any other person to do any of the above.

  1. We may suspend a Customer's access to the Services, in accordance with the Agreement, if the Customer breaches this policy.

Basic QR Plan – limits on free use

  1. "Basic QR Plan" means the plan for use of the Services described as such at guestcheck.com.au, as may be amended by GuestCheck from time to time.
  2. The amount of free use of the Services by a Customer that is permitted under the Basic QR Plan is:

(a) 20 patron check-ins per venue per day; or

(b) such higher number as GuestCheck may permit for that Customer.

  1. A Services Fee will apply under the Agreement in relation to any use of the Services in excess of the above.
  2. In accordance with the Agreement, GuestCheck will use reasonable endeavours to notify the Customer when the Customer's use of the Services reaches the above limit. If the Customer does not then promptly confirm that it wishes to proceed with the Services on a paying basis, GuestCheck may terminate the Agreement.


  1. GuestCheck may amend this policy from time to time. GuestCheck will publish the latest version of this policy at guestcheck.com.au. If a Customer has any concerns about any amendment to this Policy, the Customer should cease using the Services.
  2. This policy does not limit any of our rights under the Agreement.